Welcome to Marvellous Detective World

Welcome to marvellousdetectivework where we discuss all things in the world related to Marvel and DC.

My name is Cameron and when I was growing up I was really into the first Spider-Man movie from 2002 and then in 2008 when Iron Man came out I got hooked into the Marvel Universe world.



When 2013 came along and Man Of Steel was released I started to get into the DC Universe world as well even though I was more of a Marvel Universe fan at first.



As time went on and various movies, TV shows and comics books were released my interest in these franchises started to grow and become a bigger passion of mine.

I want to connect to fellow Marvel and DC fans so together we can share these interests and really connect with each other.

I’m also wanting to share the latest updates in these catergories so people can get the news in the best place they can and be fully aware of what is happeing so they can get the best accuracy on these topics.

The goals of this website are to connect with people all around the world who are fans of Marvel and DC comic books as well as fans of the movies and TV shows.

My main purpose of creating this website is to share my thoughts on the latest news whether it’s in comics books, movies or TV shows and then get you the audience to share what it is you think of a news update I’ve shared.

All the best,

Cameron founder of marvellousdetectivework



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