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At Marvellousdetectivework here are the topics I will be discussing with you the audience and what I hope you’ll find interesting to follow.


Marvel Cinematic Universe


Marvel Cinematic Universe reviews (Including TV shows and non MCU movies)

As I said on my welcome page I am a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever since Iron Man came out back in 2008.

So I will be doing reviews on the newest and previous movies and TV shows to be released by Marvel Studios.

I will also do my reviews on TV shows that are somewhat connected to the MCU like Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D and the sadly no longer Netflix shows like Daredevil and Punisher.

Although not really being a fan of the non MCU movies there are ones I do really like a lot like the X-Men movies and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies but there are exceptions like Spider-Man 3, X-Men The Last Stand, Origins Wolverine and Dark Phoenix.

Regardless of me not really being much of a fan of the non MCU movies I am still curious to see what The New Mutants and Morbius are like and how they will compare to the current movies that Marvel Studios are putting out.


DC Extended Universe DCEU


DC Extended Universe reviews (Including Arrowverse and Joker movie)

As also mentioned on my welcome page I got into the DC Extended Universe when Man Of Steel was released back in 2013 and since then I am still a fan of the DCEU.

So far I own all the DCEU movies on DVD from Man Of Steel to Aquaman and plan on buying Shazam as soon as it’s released on DVD here in the UK in August.

Despite not really being into the Arrowverse side of DC I intend to start watching those shows as soon as I start blogging about these interests. So expect to start seeing reviews for those when I begin on this website.

When October 4th of this year happens I am planning on going to see the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie which is standalone movie from the current DCEU and I am really excited to see it when it gets released.

I am also really excited to see what DCEU’s upcoming movies like Wonder Woman 1984 and Birds Of Prey are like when they get released next year in 2020.

Marvel and DC Comic books reviews

In Spite of me being a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe I am also a fan of collecting and reading the comic books as well.

As two of my all time favourite comic book writers are the late Stan Lee and Steve Ditko may they R.I.P and the work they did will always live on in the minds of people like us.

So I want to share my passion for the comic books with my audience and find out what issues of their favourite characters they like the most and see if they are the ones I like the most as well.

I am currently at this point in time collecting a lot of the Marvel comic books and intend to start collecting DC comic books once I find what issues and what series appeal to me the most.

I also currently collecting the Marvel Platinum comic books as well so expect to see reviews on those as well.

Marvel Legends reviews & reveals (Hasbro and Toybiz)

When 2014 came along I started collecting Marvel Legends when the Captain America The Winter Soldier Mandroid Build-A-Figure wave was released.

Then the following year I instantly got hooked more into Marvel Legends when I purchased the Avengers Age Of Ultron Build-A-Figure Ultron and Hulkbuster waves.

I am also a fan of the ToyBiz Marvel Legends Build-A-Figures like Apocalypse, Galactus, Sentinel, Giant Man, Modok and Mojo.

When new Marvel Legends are revealed at various comic cons or online I instantly get excited and can’t wait to get both the regular action figures that you buy so you can build the build-a-figure and also the build-a-figure itself.

So I am really into collecting Marvel Legends and to this day I still collect them so I hope I’ll be able to share this interest with my audience and they’ll be collectors themselves.

While sadly Toybiz are no longer around I still own a lot of the Toybiz Marvel Legends and to me a few of them after 15 years still hold up as some of the greatest Marvel Legends of all time.

I also liked the Spider-Man, X-Men and Hulk Classics toy lines that Toybiz made as well as Marvel Legends and to me a few of those still hold up to this day.

What this website is all about and the enjoyment you’ll get out of it

After everything I’ve shared with you from me getting into the MCU and DCEU you’ll most likely have the impression that I am a fan of both comic book franchises.

So my goal here is to connect with you all and get your thoughts as well on the latest news in both the universe of Marvel and DC whichever one you like more or maybe you like both equally.

I hope you all will enjoy sharing your thoughts and connecting with me in terms of what you think of various discussions about these universes as I can’t wait to hear what you all think as well.

I am aware there are hundreds if not thousands of other Marvel and DC Universe related websites around so I am hoping and confident that with mine you’ll be able to connect more with fellow fans and get the latest news just as fast if not quicker.

I am also intending to cover news about casting for both movies and TV shows as well so expect to see that on here.

So in conclusion I am looking forward to connecting with you all and hearing what you think about all the latest news and updates in these universes as I am really excited to be sharing something like this with the world.



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