SH Figuarts Birth of Iron Man and Mark 1 Tamashii Nations Reveals

Hello, Marvel Cinematic Universe and SH Figuarts collectors!

It was recently announced that Tamashii Nations are going to be doing a Tony Stark and Mark 1 from the first Iron Man movie.

I’d like to share my thoughts on these reveals and the promo images that have been released this far.

Tony Stark from the opening scene of Iron Man (2008).

During the opening scene of Iron Man we see Tony Stark in the Military vehicle having a drink and wearing sunglasses.

Just by looking at these images and comparing them to the first scene in Iron Man I would say the head sculpt does look accurate.

As it does resemble Robert Downey Jr and the sunglasses do appear to be the same ones he was wearing in that scene.

There is a non sunglasses head that was also revealed but I can’t say if that’s a different head or this same one just without sunglasses.

A smartphone accessory is included as well that he used in the scene before the missile exploded hitting him in the chest.

Tony Stark as seen in the cave scene where Iron Man is created

If like myself you have good memories of the first Iron Man movie then you know Tony Stark created Mark 1 in the cave in order to escape.

The upper suited body can be swapped out for this one recreating the scene in the cave as it’ll be on a peg that you likely port into the hole.

As seen in the image an anvil, tongs, hammer and mask of Mark 1 are all included as a way to further recreate this iconic scene.

It appears an extra head is included as well so from what I can tell at least 2-3 heads are included so I’d say SH Figuarts have done a good job including these heads.

Mark 1 blast effects for taking off

The Mark 1 and Tony Stark are both sold separately so if you were wondering is this a 2-pack the answer is sadly no if you were hopeful it would be.

While I am really happy with my Mark 1 from Hasbro as well as my Tony Stark from them that was included in that 10th Anniversary MCU 2-pack.

This Mark 1 with the blasting off effects does really interest me as you didn’t get anything like these accessories with the Hasbro release.

As for how you attach them I would assume similar to the blast effects with most action figures at the bottom of the feet as there will be peg holes there.

Mark 1 flame effect

Also, included with the Mark 1 is a fire effect that you can presumably peg into the side of his right arm as seen in the escape scene during the movie.

While I have heard there are interchangeable hands and eyes we are yet to see what those look like in person so hopefully it won’t be long before we see them.

Do I think these will live up to expectations?

If I am lucky I would be interested in purchasing the Tony Stark just to recreate that scene in the cave as it was such an iconic scene.

While I am not sure how these will compare to the previous versions only time will tell and it’ll be interesting to hear about.

Do you think you’ll be preordering the SH Figuarts Tony Stark and Mark 1 or are you going to pass due to having the Hasbro releases?

Let me know in the comments below as I look forward to hearing all your thoughts.

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