Mezco One:12 Collective John Stewart Green Lantern review

Hello, DC fans and Mezco One:12 Collective collectors!

In this review I am going to be talking about the recently released John Stewart AKA Green Lantern from Mezco.

This is my first review on a Mezco One:12 Collective action figure so I will be talking about that as well.

My thoughts on Mezco One:12 Collective action figures

To start off with my thoughts on Mezco as a manufacturer are Mezco generally do good action figures based off whatever they are doing.

However sometimes cloth clothing can limit pose ability so in some areas articulation can be limiting.

Aside from that I don’t mind Mezco doing action figures with cloth clothing as it can sometimes add to the appeal of the action figure.

Smoking, Star, Shield, Blast and Energy ball ring effects

One of the important elements in making a Green Lantern action figure for whatever toy line is the power effects.

Thankfully Mezco have not disappointed here as we get about five effects that I am going to go over.

First one being the energy ball which you can’t peg onto his hands.

You have to use the hand peg otherwise it won’t fit since it is only designed to go on the wrist.

Second being the right-hand smoking effect coming out of the ring as it looks like he blasted off.

Third would be the blasting effecting which like the previous one goes onto the right-hand.

Fourth is a shield power effect and as the plastic is very soft so you’ll have no worries about breaking it when putting it on.

A star effect comes included as well and I’d advise to be careful when putting this on as the plastic is hard and could break.

So overall I’d say the action figure is packed with effects so no issues about a lack of effects.

You also get an extra chest piece for John in case you lose the one that is currently on so it was nice Mezco included that.

Interchangeable hands and heads Green Lantern is included with

John Stewart comes with a total of eleven interchangeable hands which include the effects I went over last as well as an interchangeable head.

The first I am going to go over are the fist hands where the right one has the Green Lantern ring on it.

Second pair are two open palm hands which you can’t use for grabbing anything in case you were wondering.

There is also a pair of flat hands which you can use for flying poses if you wish to do that with him.

One single left grabbing hand is included for Lantern which you can have him hold.

The two interchangeable heads you get are the current bald John Stewart and a younger version with hair.

So whichever head you prefer to use the option is there so do let me know what head is your favourite.

Articulation and lantern with the light up feature

Now onto articulation for Green Lantern and it is very similar to other Mezco action figures but I’ll still do it anyway.

Head moves side to side as well as up and can tilt so you’ll be able to pose his head however you wish.

As for neck movement it is limited by the collar but you’ll be unlikely to use that because of the range of movement in the head.

Torso can crunch forward pretty far and back so you can have him in flying poses if you want.

You can also get the torso to move side to side and you won’t have to worry about getting the clothing caught when you do this.

Shoulders are on ball joints so you can get them moving forward and back about the same but be careful you don’t damage the clothing.

Moving the shoulders out to the side can be done and you get a bicep swivel on both sides.

Double jointed elbows which I am pleased with as I am not always a fan of single jointed elbows.

Wrists can hinge up and down as well as swivel so you’ll get more than enough pose ability in the wrists.

Legs can move out to the side but not enough to do the splits and they can kick forward a good amount.

If you were wondering can the legs move back the answer to that is yes but only slightly.

Upper thigh swivel works out so no issues of the clothing limiting that in any way.

Double jointed knees so you can have John in a running pose if you want to so that is good.

Feet swivel as well as move up and down so no issues with getting him to stand.

Ankle pivot is included as well for those of you who are into that kind of thing like myself.

As for the Lantern that the action figure is included with batteries are required for this but thankfully they are included when you open up the action figure.

After putting in the batteries and screwing the bottom of the lantern back into place you’ll be able to use the light up feature.

The right-hand that has the ring is the only hand that works for the lantern so without that hand you won’t get the lantern to light up.

As for the light on the lantern is has a very good light to it so getting the batteries put in is all worth it.

Do I recommend Green Lantern/John Stewart

Well if you are a hardcore Green Lantern fan then I highly recommend you buy John Stewart as you won’t be let down with this Mezco action figure.

If your a fan of the more well-known superheroes from DC like Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman then this is a pass for you as John Stewart hasn’t being in many live action movies.

For those who are building up a Mezco Justice League collection along with the Sovereign Knight Batman then I recommend you pick up John Stewart to build up your collecton.

As for me since I am a fan of Green Lantern and I hope one day we’ll see John Stewart on the big screen this was a must have.

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