Mezco One:12 Collective Batman 1989 and Superman 1978 Reveals

Hello, Batman and Superman fans!

Mezco have finally revealed the Christopher Reeve 1978 version of Superman.

They also revealed a 1989 Michael Keaton version of Batman as well a few weeks ago.

I am very much excited about these reveals as both movies were two of the most iconic superhero movies of those times.

Batman 1989 Edition reveal

Since Batman was announced first I’ll talk about him before talking about Superman.

I don’t currently have the Neca Michael Keaton Batman in my collection or any other version of this Batman.

So when this was announced I was really excited and from seeing images my exictement has increased even more.

As in this case Mezco do not disappoint with alternate parts as you get three interchangeable heads and eight hands.

At the same time you also get a ton of accessories that Batman uses like Batarangs, spearguns as well as a time bomb.

I like that there are four Batarangs as if you lose one you still have three left and if possible he might be able to hold two.

Since there is wire on one of the Batarangs as well as speargun I am curious how that will fuction and what you’ll get out of it.

While there is also an interchangeable cape I’m not sure what the difference will be or if it’ll be the exact same as the one the action figure is wearing.

The three interchangeable heads are interesting as you have different expresions on each other so they aren’t the same.

I think I will have him with the head that is on the action figure in the image as that really looks like the kind of expression Batman would have.

While I am not sure when he will be released as there are a lot delays on going on when he does get released I’ll certainly be buying him.

Superman 1978 edition reveal

Now we have Superman who just recently more images were revealed as before we only had a poster image.

Just like the Batman from Neca I also don’t have the Superman from Neca either but maybe one day I’ll get them.

As for accessories you have two alternate heads and nine interchangeable hands.

The second head does somewhat have a Joker smile to it so I’m not sure if they may adjust that as it is a bit odd.

The cape has a posing wire in it so that’ll be interesting to see how that works out when he is released.

Just like in the Christopher Reeve movies you have his fortress of solitude base that the action figure can stand in.

A light up feature is included as well so it’ll be really cool to see how lights up and if you can have him stand inside the base.

There are three Kryptonian crystals that light up and from what I can tell they appear film accurate.

A Kryptonian fragment is included as well as a kryptonite necklace that Lex Luthor put around his neck in the movie.

The necklace is on a real chain so that makes for a nice change compared to using normal plastic.

Should you be excited for these getting released this year or 2021?

I’d say if you are a fan of the 1978 Superman and 1989 Batman movies as well as a DC fan then yes I think you should be excited.

If you are a fan of Michael Keaton and the late Christopher Reeve then I think yes you will be happy with these releases.

As for superhero fans of today who didn’t see those movies then these are a pass for you as they came out well before the DC Extended Universe existed.

At the moment I have no idea when these will be released as Mezco aren’t very good at keeping to their track record.

While at the same time there may still be delays in factories in China due to Covid-19 that are frustrating.

So my question to you all is what do you think of these upcoming releases from Mezco will you be buying them or will you pass?

Let me know in the comments below as I will look forward to hearing what you all think.

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