Mezco Netflix Daredevil and Vigilante Edition thoughts

Hello, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans and Mezco collectors!

In this article I am going to be talking about both releases of the Mezco Netflix Daredevil.

While both these figures were released last year it’ll be this year that Marvel Studios will be able to use the character again.

Thoughts on the classic red suit Daredevil. 

The first Daredevil I received was the red suit version as I wasn’t able to get the black suit until much later.

I have heard some people complain about how baggy the clothing is on this version of Daredevil but it’s not that bad to me.

As you can see in the image there are six interchangeable hands, two alternate heads and one set of billy clubs are included. 

While an unmasked Matt Murdock head would’ve being nice it’s not a issue that it’s not included.

The Vigilante Edition or black suit Daredevil.

If you don’t live in the USA the chances of you getting this release of Daredevil is quite unlikely as he is only available in America.

Thankfully I was able to able to find one to purchase but still he is very hard to find. 

As for accessories similar to the previous Daredevil six alternate hands, two heads and one set of billy clubs are included.

Since this was the first outfit Daredevil had in the show I can imagine this version may be the rarest between the two.

My thoughts on the cancellation of the show.

When Daredevil got cancelled back in 2018 it was a very sad day for us all as we had just received season 3.

Now that the two years are nearly up and Marvel will be free to use the character again it’ll be interesting to see what they do.

While I am hopeful Charlie Cox will come back to play Daredevil again that will depend on what Marvel Studios decide.

Are these figures worth getting and do I recommend you still get them?

While Daredevil was cancelled back in 2018 these figures weren’t released until July 2019. 

If you are a fan of the Netflix Daredevil or a Mezco One:12 Collective collector then I recommend you still get them. 

However if you a Mezco collector and not into the Marvel Cinematic Universe figures then neither version of Daredevil is for you.

Which one is the better made between the two of them?

If you were in a situation where you could choose only one of these Mezco Daredevil figures. 

Then I would highly recommend the red suit Daredevil as that is the least expensive between the two. 

If you are in a position to get both of them then I say go for it as you won’t regret buying both. 

I will say that I do prefer the red suit Daredevil more only because he has double jointed elbows.

However the black suit Daredevil is still good regardless but the single jointed elbows are a disappointment.

If you found the red suit Daredevil to be baggy then of course the black suit is better made in clothing.

Which Daredevil is your favourite? Let me know down in the comments section below as I’d be curious to hear.


  1. XRJamesRS

    It has been ages since I have collected anything, let alone been an enthusiast for collecting. Though action figures/statues are always tempting. These figures do look great, and it’s very interesting that they did not release until a year after the show was cancelled.

    I guess the contracts for merchandise still had some time on them. I would have to agree, the red suit looks better and if it is cheaper, it’s definitely the way to go!

      • Hi, Robbie
        I completely agree with you that it is odd.
        As if Mezco had released these figures during the first or second seasons they would’ve sold faster.
        So yeah odd but thankfully they still made them regardless.
        Thanks and have a great day,

  2. Dave M.

    This is a good article on the daredevil figures. I am definitely in the red suit camp as I find the color really draws the eye. I also love that the hands are interchangeable and I always love any accessory that comes along with a figure that I buy. I’ll be interested to see how many people agree with the red suit versus the black suit daredevil.

    • I’d feel the same.

      Definitely prefer DD’s red suit.

      Surprised how good the black suit DD figure is, but there ya go! They did good work on the colour that’s there.

      Curious are there any figures of DD in his other, comic suits?

      • Hi, Robbie
        Yeah the red suit is more the classic suit so I tend to prefer that one.
        The black suit DD is very good as I was happy when I received him.
        Exactly as Mezco tend to do a very good job when it comes to colour on the figures they make.
        Yes there are as there is a red, yellow and black suit that are all comic based that Mezco made.
        Best wishes and have a great day,

  3. Hamish58

    I am a huge fan of comic heroes and have been my whole life (I am 61) and it will no doubt come as no surprise that my favourite character of all time is DC’s Batman, because he is ‘real’ no superpowers just athletic and supported by wonderful gadgetry.

    I think that Daredevil fits this mould though and I find him an equally compelling character. I have also been avid collector of action figures since my teens and I have a particular interest in one off steam punk variants of various characterisations.

    Anyway that aside I like both of these Daredevils but probably to be honest the adhoc costume one because it has more of the gritty, real feel to the character rather than the finessed recognisable DD costume.

    Great article thanks I have bookmarked your website.


    • Cameron

      Hi, Hamish 

      Thanks for your kind comments. 

      Always good to connect with another superhero fan. 

      Best wishes, 


  4. Welcome Moeng

    I have never followed Daredevil, however, I have always loved these characters as toys for my kids. As you mentioned these characters are only released in America, it is not readily available in South Africa. I enjoy the storyline of the Daredevil and great action movies and great scripts. Is this story Sci-fi or just a comic based on historic events? Thank you for the great article. Pertaining to my choice, the black suit Dare Devil would be more my choice.

    • Cameron


      Thanks for your comment. 

      Hell’s Kitchen the area in Daredevil is a real place. 

      Sadly Daredevil is not a real character. 

      It’s interesting you like the black suit more than the red one. 

      Best wishes, 


  5. Jomata

    Hello, “Thank you for this very detailed and  informative post on Daredevil the vigilante edition” understand that a post as tgus ine has taken so much conscious, calculated band delibrate effort to out together,  it is very hard to choose from the two dare devil reviewed above, but I like the fact that yiu highly recommend the red suit Daredevil as that is the least expensive between the two.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Cameron


      Thanks for commenting on my article. 

      It’s great to get some feedback. 

      Best wishes, 


  6. Sheddy Ovb

    Heloo, i want to say thanks to you for taking out time in sharing this beautiful piece here. I actually stumbled upon your site which I must is really amazing and entertaining. It has so many nice content in it. Well done

    I never regretted seeing this site so I will surely visit your site some other time. Good luck

    best regards.

    • Cameron


      Thanks for your kind comments. 

      I hope to see you again soon on my website. 

      Best wishes, 


  7. Lizzychris

    Nice article you have there.

    Without wasting much time, I cannot chose between the two! They both look great . I am not too familiar with the second outfit but it looks cool to me.

    I was really wondering why the series didn’t continue but thanks to your post I found out why. Looking forward to a come back!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Cameron


      Thanks for your feedback. 

      Daredevil first wore the black suit in the first Season of the Netflix show.

      There are rumours that either Hulu or Disney+ could revive the series but nothing offical yet.

      Let’s keep our fingers crossed we will one day see Charlie Cox return as Daredevil. 

      Best wishes, 


  8. evans

    Marvelous work you did for the both comparisons and these two suits seems both beautiful and well built but after a thourugh review and view I would say I prefer the red Daredevil suit…I must say that mexco Netflix did a nice job in putting these two suits together and I really appreciate your efforts showcasing them… thanks for the review

    • Cameron


      Thanks for the feedback. 

      On balance the red suit has more preferences.

      I’m not sure if that is based on colour or price! 

      Mezco tend to do a good job when it comes to clothing on action figures.



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