Marvel Legends WW II Ultimate Captain America and Motorcycle Thoughts

Hello, fellow Marvel Legends collectors!

Today we are going to be talking about the Marvel Legends WW ll Captain America and motorcycle from the Ultimate Riders series.

I will also be discussing in this review whether or not this version of Captain America is worth adding to your collection.

The version of Captain America being used for this series

The last time we had a version of Ultimate WW II Captain America was from the 2011 First Avenger movie series in 6 inch form.

So getting a new Captain America in the Ultimate Riders series was a good time to redo him as this time he comes with a motorcycle unlike the previous version.

Assembling the Motorcycle and the paint used 

Putting together the motorcycle is very straightforward as you clip the handle bars into the front area where the window is so that fits in nicely.

The front area of the motorcycle has two areas, the one on the right side is for the machine gun holster and the left side is for the storage box.

There are two bag packs that go on the back of the motorcycle so those clip in well without any issues.

Paint applications on the motorcycle are very nice looking with some white camouflage on the front area where the front wheels are and on the box.

The rest of the motorcyle has green paint on it with the exception of the engine areas which are painted grey camouflage and black.

So while there isn’t a whole lot of sculpting and detail on the engine what is there is still good.

Weapons that come with Captain America

Captain America carries two weapons on him.

His left boot has an area where you put the dagger.

Right leg has a holster on the side for the gun so both the weapons fit in well and won’t fall out even if you shake him.

The paint used on the dagger is just your standard Marvel Legend dagger so nothing new but it’s nice that Captain America comes with a dagger as having a dagger is better than no dagger.

The pistol just has black paint on it throughout so there is not a whole lot of paint applications on it but it’s still good that it’s included.

Although the motorcycle comes with a gun that you put into the storage holster.

Just like the pistol it has black paint on it.

Captain America’s WW II shield paint is done perfectly with the stars on the blue top area and red and white below.

The shield clip can can peg onto the wrists without any concerns and can also clip onto his bag as well since you’ll most likely have it stored on his back when riding the motorcycle.

However for fans who had quality control issues with the Hydra Supreme Captain America’s shield then pegging in onto his back is most likely your best way of avoiding breaks.

Thankfully mine did not have this issue so hopefully like myself you’ll be lucky and won’t have this issue.

Final thoughts and do I recommend you pick this up 

So final thoughts are I do really recommend this Ultimate WW II Captain America a lot as Hasbro did a good job on both the paint applications and the motorcycle itself.

I’d say if you are a hardcore Captain America fan then this set is a must have and you can’t pass on it especially if your looking to have all the versions of Captain America in your collection.

If your just a fan of the Avengers franchise then I still highly recommend you purchase this as regardless of what kind of Avengers fan you are this is still pretty nice to have.

For Marvel Cinematic Universe collectors then this is just a pass for you as this is not the Captain America from the 2011 First Avenger movie.

However if your a Marvel comics legends collector then this set will work nicely in your collection next to your other Marvel characters.



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