Marvel Legends Wendigo (Build-A-Figure) wave ranking

Hello, fellow Marvel Legends collectors!

In this review I am going to be ranking all the Marvel Legends in the Wendigo wave in reverse order.

6th Cannonball

At number six we have Cannonball mainly because Hasbro didn’t give us his legs so he appears as incomplete.

The flame effect you peg Cannonball onto doesn’t have any articulation to it in case you were curious.

5th Boom-Boom

While I don’t know a lot about Boom-Boom this Marvel Legend is still pretty good regardless.

Boom-Boom comes with an alternate head and a non flame hand and flame effect.

4th Wolverine

Hasbro did release an X-Force Wolverine in the Hit-Monkey build-a-figure series back in 2013 so getting a new one here is good.

3rd Guardian

One of my most wanted updates in Marvel Legends is Guardian as the Ares wave Guardian is pretty old now.

2nd Nightcrawler

One of my personal favourite X-Men characters is Nightcrawler and I really liked seeing him in X2 United for the first time.

So getting a new one from Hasbro really excited me as the ToyBiz version is well over 10 years old now.

Nightcrawler comes with three alternate heads and a right hand and sword as seen in the packaging.

Don’t expect to be able to take his tail out of the position it’s currently in unless you are a customizer.

1st Mister Sinister

Mister Sinister like with Nightcrawler from the ToyBiz days was one that Hasbro really needed to do eventually.

The cape on Mister Sinister is very wide so don’t expect to get a lot of movement out of it.

Where I rank the build-a-figure and final thoughts on this wave

As for the build-a-figure Wendigo while some fans may feel there were better X-Men characters to do as build-a-figures I on the other hand am quite happy to have a new Wendigo in my collection.

Since the last time we had Wendigo in Marvel Legends was back in 2008 in the Fin Fang Foom build-a-figure series so it was well over due to have an update.

My final thoughts are I really like this X-Force Wendigo wave a lot and think if you a hardcore X-Men Marvel Legends collector this wave will be a really nice addition to your collection.

As for where I’d rank Wendigo in this wave I’d rank him between Mister Sinister and Nightcrawler so I think I’d have Minister Sinister remain at number one and then have Wendigo at number two so Nightcrawler would then be number three.

If there was no build-a-figure in this wave then my rankings would change from how I did them.





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