Marvel Legends Venom Deluxe Exclusive thoughts

Hello, Marvel Legends collectors!

In this article I am going to be sharing my thoughts on the Marvel Legends Venom Deluxe Exclusive.

Since this is a re-release of the previous Monster Venom this article may influence if you want to purchase him.

The previous Monster Venom we had from Hasbro

When the Venom movie was released back in 2018 Hasbro did a Monster Venom Build-A-Figure wave to go along with the release of the movie.

The Monster Venom we got back then was the Mac Gargan Venom who comic book fans will know as Scorpion.

So if you were one of those people who wanted an Eddie Brock Venom instead we now have one released.

When removing the action figure from the packaging the back piece does need to be clicked on but it’s no issue to do.

Is this re-release worth buying if you have the Build-A-Figure?

If you already have that Monster Venom in your collection and aren’t interested in re-releases from Hasbro then this will be a pass for you.

However if you would have preferred an Eddie Brock Monster Venom instead of Mac Gargan then this is a must for you.

I am a fan of both characters so I didn’t mind getting a re-release of Venom just to have a monster version of Eddie in my collection.

If you were wondering are there any accessories or interchangeable heads the answer is no so that may disappoint some.

The difference in paint applications and chest symbol

Aside from the different character there isn’t a whole lot of difference between the two of them.

The only difference is the symbol on the chest and the paint applications so not really a lot.

Despite it been pretty much the same action figure to me there is enough of a difference to want to have both versions of Venom in your collection.

While it is a re-release articulation is just the same so single jointed elbows and double jointed knees are all there.

Do I recommend you purchase Venom?

If you are a fan of Venom and really wanted an Eddie Brock Venom on this body mould then yes I recommend him.

Venom is a Fan Channel Exclusive but you can still find him at online retailers like Amazon and eBay.

What did you think of this Deluxe Venom? Are you going to buy him for your collection? or are you going to pass?

Let me know down in the comments below as I would be curious to hear your thoughts.


  1. Karin Nauber

    I might have to think a while on getting the Venom rerelease. I am a very avid collector of action figures of all genres, but I don’t have either Venom figure at this time as my grandson decided to take my first one and break both legs on it! Needless to say, I was a little miffed.

    I am hoping to be able to replace my original and get the rerelease. I’m going to check out Amazon to see if I can find both. I love my figures and probably have nearly 1000 action figures (12″ or so). They are all packaged in original packing, so I am quite proud of my collection.

    Thanks for letting people know about this rerelease of the Venom figure.

    • Cameron


      Thank you for your comment. 

      I would be miffed as well in your position as breaking both legs is not cool.

      Well good luck with replacing the one that broke as incompletion is annoying. 

      You should be proud of your collection as all mine are loose and on display. 

      Your welcome as I really enjoyed writing this article. 

      Best wishes, 


  2. Nuttanee

    Thank you for your review on Marvel Legends Venom Deluxe. I just want to hear your opinion on what you think, I am sure my nephew will also agree with your thoughts and would want to get this re-release as well. I personally think it is really cool but I am pass that age so my nephew will appreciate it more. I am going to buy it for my nephew. 

  3. petergeorge5666

    Thanks for sharing this great review on Marvel legends venom. Am not fan of that game tho but my cousin is thier number fan I think I gas talking me to love the game but am a soccer lover. Am not sure he’s aware of this new development, now I will have inform him about it am sure he will like it. Thank you

    • Cameron


      Thank you for your comment and it’s great to hear from you again. 

      That is interesting to know your cousin is a big fan of Marvel. 

      I really hope your cousin likes this re-release of Monster Venom the same way I did. 

      Best wishes and I look forward to hearing from you again,


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