Marvel Legends The Uncanny X-Men Retro wave ranking

Hello, X-Men and Marvel Legends fans!

Today I am going to be talking about my personal ranking in the Uncanny X-Men Retro wave.

So I’ll be discussing what Marvel Legends I thought were good to ones that were my favourites.

In reverse order here we are.

6th Wolverine

At number 6 we have Wolverine not because he’s a bad Marvel Legends action figure but because there didn’t seem to be a high demand for this version of Wolverine.

Two alternate gripping hands are included with Wolverine which are for the sword he comes with so if you wanted to have Wolverine holding a sword the option is there.

Articulation on Wolverine isn’t too bad as you can get the head to move down a decent amount but not so far back because of how the hair is sculpted.

Shoulders can move out very high which is good for Wolverine as well as butterfly joints you can move forward and back.

Bicep swivel on Wolverine can move 360 degrees as well as double jointed elbows which can move a decent amount.

Wrists swivel all the way around and the hands can hinge up and down so same with the alternate gripping hands.

Wolverine has an ab crunch and his waist can swivel as the position the belt is in can be adjusted.

Legs can move out to the sides and can kick forward a very good amount so great for having Wolverine kick someone or something.

Upper thigh swivel works nicely as well as double jointed knees as if you wanted to have Wolverine in a running pose that can be done.

Feet hinge up and down a very good amount as well as ankle pivot which can swivel in the position you like.

5th Cyclops

After Wolverine we have Cyclops which is the X-Factor version.

While ToyBiz did a version in the Sentinel Series it was well over due for an update.

Cyclops comes with an alternate head and a blast effect so you can put that on the alternate head so you can have him firing at someone.

While Cyclops does just reuse the Bucky Captain America body so most people will be familar with it I will still run through it anyway.

Head can move up and down so you’ll get full range of motion in the head and a very tiny amount of head pivot but you’ll be unlikely to use that.

Shoulders can move out very far so you’ll get more than enough poseabilty in the shoudlers for good poses.

Upper bicep swivel and double jointed elbows but sadly it won’t be able to reach the visor so you’ll be unable to have him touch it.

Wrists can hinge up and down so you’ll be able to get a decent amount of posing out of that.

There is an ab crunch and waist swivel which can rotate 360 degrees if you wish to move it around the body.

Legs can move out to the side and can kick forward a good enough amount so you can have Cyclops kicking someone or something if you wish.

Double jointed knees as well as boot rotation work nicely on Cyclops so you can swivel the boot all the way around.

Ankles can move back and forward a good amount as well as ankle pivot which is always nice on these Marvel Legends.

4th Dazzler

Next up we have the 80’s Dazzler and while we did not that long ago get a Dazzler in Marvel Legends getting the 80’s version of her is sure to please hardcore X-Men fans of that generation.

Two power effects are included with Dazzler so what you do is pop off the hands and put the power effects onto her wrists so you can have her in a power pose position.

Articulation in Dazzler’s head is good as you can get her head moving down a decent amount and moving up not so much but it’s still good range of motion.

Neck pivot and swivel are included with Dazzler so moving her around you’ll get just the amount of rotation you wish.

Arms can move out a good amount and there is no bicep swivel because of the singled jointed elbow.

The single jointed elbow can swivel around so poseabilty in the elbows has a decent amount.

Wrists on Dazzler swivel as well as a hinge so you could hinge the wrists even with the power effects on.

Diaphragm joint can move out to the sides as well as crunching back a good amount but not so much moving forward.

Legs can kick out very far and upper thigh swivel is on both legs so good range of poseabilty.

Double jointed knees as well as ankles that hinge forward and back so ankles can move how you wish to move them.

Ankle pivot is also included but as with some female Legends if they are tight 360 degree swivels could break them.

3rd Iceman

While Hasbro did do an Iceman in Marvel Legends back in 2016 when they released the Juggernaut series getting a classic Iceman was certainly going to make fans happy.

Iceman has a base you can peg his feet into so you can have him sliding along on his ice effect.

Articulation on Iceman is the Spider-Man 2099 body from the Sandman wave but I’ll still run through it anyway for new Marvel Legends collectors.

The head can move all the way up and all the way down on Iceman so you can have him looking in any direction you want.

Full swivel on the head as well as some neck pivot which is nice even if it’s unlikely it’ll be used very much.

Shoudlers can move out very far and a butterfly joint is included as it’s the Spider-Man 2099 body.

Upper bicep swivel as well as double jointed elbows so you can have Iceman in anyway arm pose you’d like to have him in.

The wrists have a swivel and can hinge up and down so full range of motion in both those areas.

Iceman has an ab crunch which crunches forward a good amount and same crunching back.

Waist swivel can move all the way around as the belt won’t get in the way as you can adjust the belt’s position.

Legs move out very far and double jointed knees have a good range of movement to them.

Boot swivel can move 360 degrees as well as feet that can hinge forward and back.

Ankel pivot is available on Iceman so you can pose his ankles in any position you like and same on the base as well.

2nd Storm white costume (Jim Lee)

One of the most wanted versions of Storm is the white costume that Jim Lee did so getting one now after a long period of time was worth it.

Just before I go over the articulation on Storm she does come with the lightning strom effects that the Strom from the Apocalypse wave last year came with so Hasbro adding them here was a nice touch.

The head can move down pretty far not so much far back of how the hair was sculpted so you won’t be able to have her look up so much.

A little bit of head pivot is included on Storm and you can get your side to side head movement as well.

Shoulders can move out but the shoulder pads can get in the way but it’s not such an issue that it would prevent you from getting Storm into good poses.

No bicep swivel because of the single jointed elbow rotation so some fans may be let down but it’s not such a let down that it would keep you from enjoying Storm.

Wrists can swivel and you have a hinge in the hand so you can move the hand up and down however you like.

Diaphragm can’t move so much forward but back quite a lot but it’s unlikely you’d have Storm in a pose leaning back.

Side to side pivot is included on the diaphragm joint so you can use that how you wish.

Storm’s legs can move very far out and kick forward very well so getting Storm in kick poses can be used.

Upper thigh movement works on Storm so you can have her thighs facing whatever direction you want them in.

Double jointed knees so you can have Storm in a running pose if you wish as if it was single jointed it wouldn’t work so well.

Ankle pivot is available on Strom and you can move her feet back and forth so full range of motion on Storm.

1st Silver Samurai

In my opinion one of the most highly wanted characters to be made into Marvel Legends was the Silver Samurai so now that we’ve finally got one I can say it was about time one got made and it doesn’t disappoint.

Silver Samurai comes with two swords that you can place in both hands so he looks ready to fight whoever you want him to fight.

The action figure has a storage area where you can place the swords into if you don’t wish to have him holding them.

Poseabilty on Silver Samurai in the head is quite limiting as the head doesn’t move very far back but more so moving forward.

Head can move side to side so no problems with that but there is only a small amount of head pivot because of how the helmet was sculpted.

Arms can move out very far and the shoulder pads won’t get in the way so no issues with limited articulation on that side.

Upper bicep swivel on both sides with double jointed elbows so you can have him holding the swords in anyway you like.

A wrist hinge is included but it has the roll of the dice movement so it will only move up and down a small amount.

Diaphragm joint can move forward and back as well as moving side to side so if you wanted to have him in a leaning forward pose with the swords that could be done.

Waist swivel can move 360 degress but it’s unlikely you would roate him like that but that option can be used.

Legs can move out very far so the armour won’t get in the way and same with the double jointed knees.

Upper thigh swivel and boot rotation work on Silver Samurai so you can pose them however you wish.

Feet move back and forward so you’ll get a good range of motion on the feet as well as ankle pivot.

Final thoughts and what I think overall of this Retro Wave

So final thoughts are I really like this Retro wave a lot especially for the Storm and Silver Samurai as for fans they were a must have in there collections.

I can most certainly say that Hasbro are really stepping up their game a lot these days with the Marvel Legends X-Men as very soon we’ll be getting the X-Force Wendigo wave.

If you’re a hardcore X-Men and Marvel Legends collector then this retro wave is a must purchase as you won’t be disappointed in any of the action figures.

While I don’t know if Hasbro will make another X-Men Retro wave but I will say that if these sell quickly and the fans respond well then I wouldn’t say never.



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