Marvel Legends Storm (Vintage Retro) thoughts

Hello, Marvel Legends collectors!

In this blog I am going to be sharing my thoughts on the black outfit Retro/Vintage Storm.

As for where you can find Storm if your interested in getting her retailers like Amazon and eBay are the best options.

The previous Retro Storm we received

We previously got a Storm on the vintage/retro card and it was the white outfit that we received.

So getting one here but in the black outfit does make sense as it is a classic look for Storm.

This will be the fourth time Hasbro have done Storm as they first did one in the Jubilee wave back in 2014 and then 2018 with the Apocalypse wave.

If you have all four versions of Storm then let me know which one is your favourite as I would be curious to hear.

Is getting Storm in the black outfit worth it?

If you are a fan of having your favourite Marvel characters in different outfits then yes I recommend Storm.

Since I sold my ToyBiz Storm I was really happy to get this update from Hasbro to go along with my other X-Men characters.

As it fits in just perfectly with all the other classic X-Men I have that Hasbro have made in Marvel Legends.

The cape is made out of a soft material the same as the previous release in case you were wondering if it was different.

The power effects that are included

When we got the previous Storm the power effects that were included were yellow as the one we have here are ice blue.

I don’t mind having the same effects released again but in a different colour as it’s better than no effects included.

What do you think of Hasbro re-using the same power effects or would you have preferred they used something different.

Do I recommend you purchase Storm?

If you are a fan of X-Men and Storm is one of your favourite characters then yes I highly recommend you purchase her.

While the articulation like single jointed elbows and double jointed knees are all the same it makes sense why Hasbro would do that.

As it is a body mould that works well for Storm similar to how the body mould we saw in the Wolverine two pack works for Hulk.

What do you think of this new release of Storm? Are you going to buy or are you going to pass due to having the previous release?

Let me know your thoughts down below as I’ll be really happy to hear them.


  1. Maria

    I’ve always enjoyed collecting multiple variations on the same character, so I do think I’ll be interested in purchasing Storm in the black outfit as well as the white. I really appreciate the quality of material used in these, specifically the soft material cape. I believe that from a collector’s standpoint, displaying the black version next to the white really plays on the light, dark contrast and can add amazing visual appeal to the collection. Thank you for sharing!

    • Cameron


      Thank you for your comment. 

      I also enjoy collecting multiple variations of the same character as well. 

      The quality of material used for the cape is really well executed. 

      I do think having both of them standing together on the shelf does add a lot of appeal. 

      Best wises, 


  2. Horatius

    One of my best friends is an avid Marvel collector but he doesn’t have this model if I remember correctly. This would be a great present for him. Storm is not his favorite character but it’s definitely in the top 5. I am also going to have a look at some other review on your blog before making a decision. 

    • Cameron


      Thank you for your comment. 

      I really hope your friend enjoys this release of Storm as much as I did. 

      Please feel free to share your thoughts on my other blogs as I look forward to hearing. 

      Best wishes, 


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