Marvel Legends Spider-Man (Big Time) review

Hello, Marvel Legends collectors!

In this review I am going to be reviewing the new Big Time Spider-Man from Marvel Legends.

While this review is late that is because I didn’t get my hands on this Spider-Man until nearer Christmas time.

So if any of you are still to pick up a Big Time Spider-Man for your collection this review will help you decide.

My thoughts on this new Spider-Man (Big Time) release

During 2012 Hasbro released a Big Time Spider-Man in Marvel Legends but the body they used as well as paint applications didn’t go very well together.

Which resulted in YouTuber ShartimusPrime making stop motion videos for what he called big time let down Spider-Man with other action figures he reviewed.

So like many of us we were let down with Hasbro’s attempt at doing this version of Spider-Man in Marvel Legends.

Thankfully we now have a version of Big Time Spider-man done right as the body used and paint applications are done perfectly and are accurate as to how he appears.

So I think Hasbro releasing a Big Time Spider-Man during the 80th Anniversary period was the right time to release a new version of this Spider-Man.

Alternate hands and web effect that are included

One of the important features in Marvel Legends is alternate hands for swapping out as that creates more fun with action figures.

Spider-Man comes with two fisted hands, web hands and open palm hands so plenty of swapping is available here.

While a web effect is included it isn’t bendy wire and it is the same webbing effect we saw with the House Of M Spider-Man in the SP//DR wave in 2018.

To be honest I would have preferred a webbing effect that had bendy wire in it as you would’ve being able to get more posing out of it but what we got here is alright.

What did I think of the previous (Big Time) Spider-Man

I did own the previous release of Big Time Spider-Man for a while but I sold it as I just wasn’t a fan of the paint applications that were used on it and same thing with the body mold as well.

So getting a new release here felt about time and thankfully it doesn’t disappoint as the updated Spider-Man body as well as the darker paint applications fit together perfectly.

If you were one of those people like myself who wasn’t a fan of the previous release then I highly recommend that you get this one instead.

Articulation and the poses you can get him into

While the articulation is the same as the 2015 Pizza Spider-Man and 2017 Black Symbiote Spider-Man I’ll go through it anyway for those who aren’t aware.

You can get the head to look all the way down and up as well as a full swivel and neck pivot.

Shoulders can go out quite far so you can have Spider-Man punching someone with his arm out to the side.

Butterfly joints can move forward and back a decent amount so that works out nicely.

Upper bicep swivel and double jointed elbows that all work out how you’d expect.

Swivel and hinge with all alternate hands so you can have Spider-Man’s hands positioned how you want.

Ab crunches forward a small amount and back a little bit same as the previous Spider-Man’s on that body.

Waist swivel that you can turn 360 degrees if you want.

Legs can go out very far and he can kick forward quite high so you can have Spider-Man kicking if you want.

As for back movement with the legs they go back a little bit but hardly very much.

Double jointed knees so you can have Spider-Man running if you want to.

Feet hinge up and down as well as ankle pivot so you’ll have no issues with getting Spider-man to stand.

Do I recommend you purchase this Spider-Man

The answer to that is absolutely yes as Hasbro just nailed the paint applications and used a perfect body for this version of Spider-Man.

If you were in two minds about getting Spider-Man for your collection your mind can rest now as this is an excellent Marvel Legends Big Time Spider-Man action figure.

For those of you who only collect MCU Marvel Legends for your collection then this one won’t interest you as this isn’t from the MCU only the comic books.

As mentioned earlier for those of you who weren’t a fan of the previous release I don’t think you’ll be let down with this version Spider-Man.

What did you think of Hasbro’s new Big Time Spider-Man?

Do let me know in the comments down below as I am curious to hear your thoughts.


  1. Marco

    Gr8 work,buddy!This honestly got me pretty interested in buying the toy as someone who loves this suit and is honestly interested in making stop motion videos!

    • Hi, Marco
      Thank you that means a lot to me.
      Glad to hear it got you interested in buying him.
      If you do go ahead and purchase him you won’t regret it.
      My best wishes go out to you in making your stop motion videos.
      Best regards and have a great week ahead,

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