Marvel Legends SDCC 2019 thoughts

Hello, Everyone!

Now that SDCC has finished for this year it’s time I share my thoughts on the latest Marvel Legends reveals from Hasbro.

Avengers Endgame wave 3 Thor Build-A-Figure wave

Iron Man Mark 85-One of the Marvel Legends reveals we all knew was coming was the Mark 85 Iron Man from Endgame and let’s just say the infinity gauntlet they’ve added looks really cool and the Iron Man itself is very impressive.

First Avengers movie Captain America-While it does look like just a re-release from the 2012 Walmart series it’ll be nice for collectors who missed out to finally have a first Avengers movie Captain America in their collections.

Valkyrie White Outfit-When Valkyrie put on the white outfit both in Thor Ragnarok and the final battle in Avengers Endgame getting a Valkyrie in this outfit was a high demand that fans really wanted including myself and it looks amazing.

Heimdall-One of the MCU characters we’ve wanted in Marvel Legends form since the first Thor movie is Heimdall played fabulously by actor Idris Elba and it most certainly was about time we got him.

Iron Patriot AKA War Machine Endgame battle suit-Regardless of whether you liked or disliked the accuracy of the Hulk wave War Machine this Iron Patriot looks very cool and the pieces on him really make him stand out a lot.

Vision-If you’ve being a long time Marvel Legends collector like myself you’ll most likely have the Scarlet Wich and Vision two pack from last year so this re-release would only really benefit the collectors who missed out on that two pack.

Thor (Build-A-Figure)-Despite how much I would have preferred the final battle outfit compared to the casual clothes this version of Fat Thor still looks like a build-a-figure worth building for the collection.

80th Anniversary two packs and single carded releases

Deadpool & Hit Monkey (White suits)-Just by looking at this two pack there does seem to be a lot of reuse of the same parts but having both characters wearing white suits does make this look a pretty fun two pack to purchase.

Wolverine & Jean Grey & Cyclops (Jim Lee)-The updated Jean Grey in this three pack will make collectors who missed out on the previous Jean Grey want this version a lot and for the other two despite being similar to previous versions they still make this three pack look pretty cool.

Havok & Polaris (X-Factor)-The fans of the X-Factor team will be highly interested in this two pack as it features both Havok and Polaris two of the most well known members of this team.

Punisher (Camo Gear)-Sadly since the cancellation of the Netflix series The Punisher we won’t be getting a lot of Punisher in Marvel Legends but this version in the camo gear does look pretty cool and one fans will add to their collections.

Spider-Man wave Build-A-Figure (To Be Confirmed Later)

Velocity Suit-One of the featured outfits in the PS4 Spider-Man game that we are now getting in Marvel Legends does look pretty interesting and one that will fit right in next to the PS4 Spider-Man that got released last year.

Spider Armour Mark III-This armour version of the Mark III Spider-Man does make for a pretty interesting Marvel Legends action figure and one that fans of the PS4 game will want to add to their growing collection of Spider-Man characters.

Vulture (Classic)-One of the most wanted Marvel Legends characters to get made by Hasbro and this classic version of this Spider-Man villain looks awesome and will fit right in next to the other classic comic book Sinister Six villains.

Shang Chi-Since I am only aware of Shang-Chi from the announcement of the character getting his own movie in the MCU for fans of this character they’ll be happy with this version as this is the first time getting this character in Marvel Legends form.

X-Men AOA wave (TBC BAF) and Deadpool wave (Strong Guy BAF)

X-Man-Nate Grey AKA X-Man has only had one action figure which was release during the animated series Toybiz days so getting a Marvel Legends version is sure to please fans of this character.

Weapon X AOA (Age Of Apocalypse)-The last time we got the Weapon X AOA in Marvel Legends was the variants in the Toybiz Giant Man build-a-figure series so now was a good time to get an update and it looks pretty cool.

Morph-A member of the X-Men team who appeared in the animated series and while this is not that version the version we have still looks like a pretty good Marvel Legend and one that for hardcore X-Men fans will most likely want to buy.

Strong Guy (Build-A-Figure)-A member of the X-Factor team that fans will likely have wanted in Marvel Legends is now going to be released as a build-a-figure which is the perfect way to release a large character like this one.

Dani Moonstar/Karma/Wolfsbane (Walgreens exclusive)

Dani Moonstar-One of the most highly rumored Marvel Legends for a while now is going to be coming out and what’s even better is the fact you can change the heads to either Karma or Wolfsbane so you can have your New Mutants team.

X-Force Deathlok Fan Channel exclusive

Deathlok (X-Force)-Regardless of it just being the repaint of the Sasquatch wave version for X-Force fans who are hoping to add more to the team this one will definitely be a must buy for them.

Dr Doom (Classic) Walgreens exclusive

Dr Doom-For those who didn’t want the Infamous Iron Man version of Dr Doom this will be the perfect version of Dr Doom to have in your collection as it is the classic comic book version.

She Hulk (Grey)

Grey She Hulk-In spite of only being familar with the green version of She Hulk this Marvel Legends action figure does look like a must have for any She Hulk fans and will most certainly be a nice addition to the collection.

Deluxe Giant-Man Civil War (Re release of 2016 Build-A-Figure)

Deluxe Giant-Man-While just a re-release of the 2016 build-a-figure for those who missed out and didn’t build him this will be the perfect opportunity to finally have him in your collection.

Ultimate Riders series

Cosmic Ghost Rider-Despite this not being a character I am 100% familar with from what I have heard it is Frank Castle as Ghost Rider in space so for hardcore fans of this series this will be a must have for their collections.

Squirrel Girl-I have heard that a lot of Marvel Legends fans have wanted Squirrel Girl in Marvel Legends for a while now so getting her in the Ultimate Riders series in the perfect way to get this character in Marvel Legends form.

My finals thoughts and my favourite reveals from the comic con

While SDCC is always an interesting time of the year whatever you collect this year was no different and lots of amazing prodcuts were revealed.

So I hope that next year 2020 we will get even more amazing Marvel Legends and other toy company reveals that will make us collectors go crazy excited for every year in the future.

I’d like to close of with that while I was not able to go to SDCC myself I did enjoy seeing all the reveals online that made me feel like I was there seeing them for the first time in person.

One of the things I find hard about the SDCC and various other comic cons is choosing my favourite reveals and I think for this occasion my favourite reveals are the love triangle box set Avengers Endgame wave 3 and the classic Dr Doom.

The reason those are my favourites are because I like MCU Marvel Legends a lot as that’s what got me into collecting and I always like the X-Men comic book Legends as well since X-Men is one of my favourite Marvel properties.

Some people may like or dislike Fantastic Four but you can’t deny Dr Doom is one of the best villains in Marvel comics and to me this version of classic Dr Doom is one collectors like myself will want to round out their Fantastic Four collection.

The pictures included in this article are by the people who were able to attend so a big thank you to them for being able to get these photos and I wish you all the best with the next Comic Con you attend and many others.


  1. Hi there I loved all the avengers movies and the decade long storyline that came with it. My kids have been asking for these figures for there birthdays for years. I am looking forward to seeing what direction marvel take movies in the next few years.

  2. I’ve always loved comic book stuff, if I were to buy these it would be hard for me to take them out of the box and I’m not even a collector, lol!

    I normally prefer X-Men, but the Avengers boxes looks so much more stylish to me

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