Marvel Legends Luis & Ghost two pack Ant-Man and the Wasp

Hello, fellow Marvel Legends collectors and Marvel Cinematic Universe fans!

In this review I am going to be talking about the newest two pack from Hasbro which is the Luis & Ghost two pack inspired by the Ant-Man and the Wasp movie.

While Ant-man and the Wasp is one of my favourite Marvel Cinematic Universe movies some people may feel differently so that may influence on whether this two pack is right for you.

Face likeness to Michael Pena and Hannah John-Kamen

One of the most important elements for Hasbro when making MCU characters into Marvel Legends is the likeness to the person playing then.

Thankfully in this case the likeness to actor Michael Pena and actress Hannah John-Kamen is spot on as you can really see the likeness in their faces in these Legends.

Articulation and poseabilty for both Legends

Like with all Hasbro Marvel Legends you can remove the heads so if you wanted to remove Luis’s head that can be done.

The head on Luis moves forward and back a good range so for you can get him into some good head poses.

Head moves 360 degrees and has some neck pivot as well but I don’t tend to use the neck pivots as much but for collectors who do the option is there.

Since Luis shares the same arms as the Phil Coulson from the S.H.I.E.L.D three pack back in 2015 arms don’t have a far range of motion but it’s still decent enough.

Double jointed elbows and bicep swivels are included with Luis with him sharing the same suited body arms as other Marvel Legends suited characters.

Hands hinge up and down so you can get full range of motion and have his hands in whatever position you wish.

Luis does have an ab crunch but how the suit is sculpted means you won’t get a lot out of that unless you cut the jacket off.

Legs move out a good amount so good range of poseabilty in the legs moving out to the sides.

Upper thigh swivel works just fine as the trousers are the same as the Phil Coulson just with different paint.

Double jointed knees work very well on Luis so you can get him into some good running poses.

Feet can hinge forward and back but only a small amount because of how the trousers were sculpted on him.

Ankle pivot is also included but like moving the feet forward and back it can be quite limiting.

Articulation on Ghost in the head can be very limiting because of how the hood is sculpted on the masked head.

So moving the head back on Ghost with the masked head on isn’t going to happen but it can move forward a decent amount.

Same with the unmasked head on Ghost it moves forward a decent amount but not so far back because of how her hair is sculpted and the hood accessory.

Arms move all the way out to the side and will rotate 360 degrees if you wish to have her arms posed back.

Single jointed elbow on both sides with Ghost so sadly not double-jointed like Proxima Midnight last year in the Thanos wave.

A full swivel is available in the elbows joints with Ghost so you can get Ghost in good poses with her elbows.

Diaphragm joint on Ghost moves side to side with no issues and will move forward and back a decent amount as well.

Legs can go out to the side a very good amount and kick forward as well so you can get Ghost into some good kicking poses if you wish.

Upper thigh swivel on Ghost works perfectly and same with the double-jointed knees as well.

The feet on Ghost can move back and forward a good amount and she does have ankle pivot which is nice.

Accessories the Legends come with

Luis comes with the shrinking building in its suitcase form and how it appears here really resembles how it appears in the film.

The building in its suitcase form doesn’t have any wheels so sadly you can’t have Luis or another character pulling it along.

The handle does come up a good amount and well as going down a small amount as well so you can position the handle however you wish.

Luis also comes with an ant as well so you could recreate the scene in the movie where Luis thinks Scott Long has turned into the ant at the house he is under house arrest in.

Ghost comes with an unmasked head and a hood that is position downed so recreating the scenes where she doesn’t have her helmet on can be done.

Paint application and sculpt on the suits

I’d say the paint applications on Ghost’s suit is most certainly 100% accurate to what we saw in the movie with all the textured plastic and everything.

While we have seen the suited body a lot with the Phil Coulson and Bruce Banner getting it again here with Luis does make sense.

The way the suit is sculpted and same with the tie does look like what he was wearing in the movie for the office scenes so I think Hasbro did a good job with capturing the resemblance for those scenes.

Do I recommend you pick up this two pack

At the end of the day you have fans of the comic book Marvel Legends and fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Marvel Legends so it all comes down to what your personal prefence is.

I’ll say if like myself you are a fan of the Ant-Man and the Wasp movie and a fan of MCU movies this two pack is a must have and one you’ll really want to have in your collection.

If your a comic book Marvel Legends collector then this two pack is a pass for you as these are not from the comic books.





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