Marvel Legends Love Triangle 3-pack review

Hello, Marvel Legends collectors!

In this review I am going to be reviewing the Love Triangle 3-pack that includes Wolverine, Jean Grey and Cyclops.

I wasn’t able to get this three pack until this year so that is why this review is this year not last year.

If you don’t already have this in your collection I hope this review may make you interested in getting it.

Getting an updated Jean Grey in this three pack

The last time we had a Jim Lee styled Jean Grey was back in 2013 in the Rocket Raccoon Build-A-Figure wave

So getting one here was about time since that previous release we had of Jean Grey was getting quite outdated.

If you were one of those people who missed out on that Jean Grey and can’t get it now because of how pricey it is then now’s your chance to finally get one for a good price that isn’t overly expensive.

Wolverine re-release and Cyclops with the jacket

While the Jean Grey is a new action figure in this 3-pack the other two are pretty much reuses.

As the Wolverine has the bone claws alternate hands and battle damage at the top of the head.

Cyclops is a re-use of the Warlock wave version but with a jacket on and different arms.

Two alternate heads are included with Cyclops as well as a left hand for reaching the visor.

So it was nice to have a variety of alternate heads and hands to swap out with as that creates more enjoyment with any kind of posing.

Accessories that these three are included with

Aside from the accessories that come with Wolverine and Cyclops.

Jean Grey does come with an alternate head which is the long hair that isn’t on the action figure when removing from the box.

The head that is on Jean Grey in the curly haired version so you have a choice of which one to use.

Wolverine as said earlier comes with a battle damaged head as well as unmasked and normal head.

The last two we have seen before with other Wolverine action figures so they aren’t new here.

Wolverine does come with his normal claw hands that we have seen before in Marvel Legends.

A pulled down mask is also included which we saw with the Vintage Wave Wolverine.

Cyclops does come with two unmasked heads which are different from each other.

The masked head with Cyclops is the same as we saw on the Warlock wave version so that remains the same.

A left hand is also included with Cyclops which you can use for him to touch his visor.

Articulation and the poses you can get these into

While the articulation on Wolverine and Cyclops we have seen before I will go into it anyway for those who are interested.

Jean Grey does have the standard articulation we see on most female Marvel Legends but I’ll go into it as well.

The head can look all the way down but not up due to how Jean’s hair is sculpted.

While you can get a full swivel in the head it may be tricky to do on Jean because of the hair.

There is some head pivot with Jean but not really a lot so you’ll be unlikely to use it.

Shoulders can go out quite far as well as a full swivel but be careful due to the shoulder piece being sculpted on.

Single jointed elbows and a swivel that all work just fine.

Wrists also swivels as well as hinge so decent hand movement.

Diaphragm joint on female Marvel Legends that moves side to side and can crunch forward and back a small amount.

Legs go out a small amount and they do kick forward so you can have Jean kicking something if you want.

The legs can go back a small amount as well for those who like that kind of movement.

Upper thigh swivel and double-jointed knees all work on Jean with no problems.

Feet hinge up and down very well and you do get ankle pivot as well for those who are interested in that.

As for articulation on Wolverine you can get him looking all the way down and up a small amount as well as head rotation.

Shoulders can go out but only a small amount due to the shoulders pads so it won’t be a lot of movement.

Full swivel with shoulders if you want to do that with Wolverine.

Butterfly joints that move forward and back so you can have Wolverine with cross arms if you want.

Bicep swivel and double-jointed elbows are all there and they work fine.

Ab crunches forward and back a small amount so you can have Wolverine crunching however you want.

Waist swivel but you may have to adjust the belt if it’s in the way.

Legs can go out a decent amount as well as kicking forward and back just a bit.

Upper thigh swivel and double-jointed knees which work very well.

Boot swivel and feet hinge up and down as well as ankle pivot so those areas all work.

As for articulation for Cyclops he can look all the way down and up with all three alternate heads.

Full swivel and you do get some necks pivot for those who are fans of that.

Shoulders go out a decent range and they do swivels as well.

Bicep swivel and single jointed elbows even though double-jointed would have being better.

Swivel at the elbow and at the wrist as well as a hinge with all the alternate hands.

Ab crunches forward but the belt will come undone and crunching back is tricky due to the jacket.

Waist swivel that works well so you’ll have no problems using that.

The legs can go quite far due to it being the Bucky Captain America body mold.

Upper thigh swivel and double-jointed knees so you can have Cyclops running if you want to.

Boot swivels as well as feet that hinge up and down.

Ankle pivot is also there as well for those of you who like that sort of thing.

Do I recommend you purchase this three pack?

The answer to that is absolutely yes as even if you weren’t interested in Wolverine and Cyclops the Jean Grey alone makes this set worth it.

So if you are a fan of the X-Men comic books and cartoon then I can’t recommend this set enough to you.

If you are a fan of the Fox Studios X-Men movies then this set isn’t one for you as this isn’t inspired from those movies.

Do you own this Love Triangle 3-pack and if so what are your thoughts on it?

Let me know down in the comments below as I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts.


    • Hello, Robbie
      I do as well as it’s good Hasbro were able to recapture this look of them.
      So for any old school X-Men school fan they’ll be interested in this three pack as well.
      Yes I think that is why they called it that since all three of them do have that connection whether it’s in the comic books, cartoon or the movies.
      Many thanks for your comment,

      • Hello, Scott
        Thank you this three pack does look cool.
        I go into detail about them so people who don’t collect them just yet but may do will know everything.
        Thanks for your comment and have a great week,

  1. Interesting how many different additional parts there are for Wolverine compared to Cyke and Jean, or how there’s only 1 for her compared to the lads.

    Wonder why that is?

    • Hello, Robbie
      Thank you for another comment.
      Yeah it is interesting why they include more additional parts with others and less with some.
      I’m not sure if it varies on Hasbro’s budget of reused and new parts.
      However I do think they could have included interchangeable hands with Jean to give more variety.
      So it’ll be interesting to see if Hasbro step up the game in the future.
      Thank you for your comment and have a great day,

    • Hello, Tyler
      Thank you for your comment.
      It is strange that Hasbro included more additional parts for Wolverine than say Jean.
      I’m not sure if they only had so much room in the budget for additional parts that they couldn’t include more for Jean.
      Thanks for your comment and have a great weekend,

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