Marvel Legends Invincible Iron Man (Stealth Variant) review

Hello, Marvel Legends collectors!

In this review I am going to be reviewing the Marvel Legends Invincible Iron Man (Stealth Variant).

This came out during the 80th Anniversary Marvel Legends series but I was only able to get it this year.

So if you don’t already have this version of Iron Man in your collection this review may influence your decision.

The previous Invincible Iron Man we had from Hasbro

This isn’t the first time we are seeing this Invincible Iron Man body used before on an Iron Man action figure.

Since it was used back in 2018 when Invincible Iron Man in the Okoye wave was released.

If you are fan of that Iron Man action figure then I think you’ll be pleased with the execution on this one.

Hasbro reusing this body mold for this Iron Man

As mentioned earlier this is just a reused body from a previous Iron Man.

So if you are not a fan of reuses from Hasbro then chances are this one isn’t for you.

While on the other hand for me it does make sense why Hasbro would use this body mold again as it did work for Iron Man.

Alternate hands, power effects and sword that are included

In terms of accessories Iron Man comes with two open firing hands, fisted hands and gribbing hands for the sword.

The power effects that are used are the same ones we have seen before in Marvel Legends.

However the only difference is they are painted a different colour.

Sadly we don’t get an unmasked Tony Stark head but if you have the previous Invincible Iron Man you can use the Tony Stark head from that.

Articulation and the poses you can have Iron Man in

While this is just the same body mold used before I’m going to go over it anyway for those of you who like to know.

Iron Man can look down and up a good range so that is good for flying poses.

Shoulders can go out quite far and you do get a full swivel as well.

Bicep swivel and double jointed elbows all work nicely so good posing in those areas.

The open firing hands where the blast effects go don’t have a hinge in them so they can only swivel.

However the open hands for the sword and fisted hands all do have a hinge in them.

Ab crunches forward and back just fine with no problems.

Waist swivel that you can turn 360 degrees if you wish to for those you like that sort of thing.

Legs can go out quite far out and kick forward as well as back a small amount.

Upper thigh swivel that works on both legs so you’ll have no problems with that.

Double jointed knees so you can have Iron Man in a running pose if you want to.

Feet do hinge up and down but with the previous release of Iron Man on this body be careful you don’t break them.

Do I recommend you purchase this version of Iron Man?

While I did have problems in the past with the previous Invincible Iron Man where the plastic was brittle and kept breaking.

Hasbro seem to have fixed that here as I really enjoyed posing this version of Iron Man around.

So if you are a fan of Iron Man and are building up a hall of armour in your display then I recommend you get him.

If you are a comic book fan then I recommend you get Iron Man as well this version won’t disappoint.

For those of you who are MCU collectors then I don’t recommend this to you as this isn’t an MCU inspired action figure.

What did you think of the Stealth Invincible Iron Man and do you own him in your collection?

Let me know down in the comments below as I am curious to hear your thoughts.


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