Marvel Legends Havok & Polaris 2-pack review

Hello, Marvel Legends collectors!

In this review I am going to be reviewing the X-Factor Havok & Polaris two pack.

While this two pack did come out last year I was only able to get it this year so that is why I’m doing it now.

Getting X-Factor versions of Havok & Polaris

We did get a Havok in the Juggernaut wave in 2017 and a Polaris in the 2018 Warlock wave.

So getting the X-Factor versions did make sense as it is a build up to a new team.

While we do have Multiple Man that we got in the Apocalypse wave and Quicksilver in the three pack.

It’s still good that we are getting more versions of the X-Factor team to have in our collection.

Thoughts on this released as a two pack

While I don’t think there are any plans anytime soon for Hasbro to do an X-Factor wave.

So I think Hasbro making the decision to release both Havok & Polaris as a two pack made perfect sense.

I do hope we get more X-Factor two packs or single carded releases in the future as it’ll be nice to build up this team.

Power effects and alternate Polaris hands

Havok comes with two yellow power effects while Polaris comes with two green power effects.

We have seen these power effects used before in Marvel Legends.

So getting them again here for two powered characters does make sense.

Polaris does come with two open and two fisted hands but Havok has no alternate hands.

If you are not a fan of reused parts then chances are you won’t be a fan of these effects.

Articulation and the poses that you can get these into

Havok can look all the way down and up as well as a full swivel in the neck.

Neck pivot is also included as well with Havok for those of you who are into that kind of articulation.

Shoulders can only go out a small amount so not a lot of movement.

The shoulders can go all the way around 360 degrees so you can have them positioned how you want.

Bicep swivel and double-jointed elbows all work just fine.

Wrists hinge up and down and they can swivel as well if you wanted to do that.

Ab crunches forward but you’ll have to unbutton the jacket to get full use of that.

The ab can crunch back but only a small amount so not a lot.

Waist swivels with no problems at all for those who like waist swivels with Marvel Legends.

Legs can go out to the sides a decent range and they do kick forward as well.

The legs can go back a small amount for those of you who like that kind of pose.

Upper thigh swivel and double-jointed knees work out with no issues.

Boot swivel as this is the Bucky Captain America body mold.

Feet hinge up and down as well as ankle pivot.

As for articulation on Polaris you can get her to look all the way down but not up due to how the hair is sculpted.

However you do get neck pivot and you can turn her head side to side with no problems.

Shoulders can go out quite high but the sculpt of the shoulder pads will get in the way but it’s not an issue.

If you want to do a full rotation you can but just be careful that you don’t bump the shoulder piece while doing so.

Single jointed elbows can swivel as we see on female Marvel Legends.

Diaphragm joint that can move side to side as well as a small amount crunching forward but more back.

Legs can go out a good range and Polaris can kick forward so you can have her kicking something if you want.

The legs can go back a small amount and you do get upper thigh swivel as well.

Double jointed knees and feet that can hinge up and down.

As well as ankle pivot for those of you who are fans of action figures having that.

Is this two pack a purchase I recommend?

If you are an X-Men and a fan of X-Factor as well so yes I recommend you get this two pack to add to your collection.

As said in my Love Triangle 3-pack review if you are a fan of the Fox Studios X-Men movies then this isn’t for you.

For those of you who are Marvel Cinematic Universe collectors this isn’t for you either since these aren’t from the MCU.

Do you own the X-Factor Havok & Polaris two pack in your collection and if so what did you think of this set?

Let me know down in the comments below as I am curious to hear you thoughts.

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