Marvel Legends Grandmaster & Korg Thor Ragnarok review

Hello, fellow Marvel Legends collectors!

Today we are going to be talking about my thoughts on the Marvel Legends Grandmaster & Korg two pack from the Thor Ragnarok movie and if this two pack is worth purchasing.

The characters getting made into Marvel Legends

Two of the most prominent characters in Thor Ragnarok we have are the Grandmaster played by Jeff Goldblum and Korg and for whom director Taika Waititi provided a motion capture performance.

So these two characters both getting made in Marvel Legends form wouldn’t be something Hasbro would want to miss out on given their popularity.

That is why getting them here when the 80th Anniversary line is starting to come out is a perfect chance to sell them to fans of the Thor Ragnarok movie.

Articulation and resemblance to the characters

The face sculpt on the Grandmaster is perfect – you definitely see the likeness to the actor Jeff Goldblum which is always a nice touch when Hasbro are making characters from the MCU in Marvel Legends.

As for articulation the head moves back and forth pretty nice and also moves side to side while there is also some neck pivot.

His arms can move all the way out which is nice as if the arms didn’t move out pretty far that would be¬†disappointing like the 2015 Nick Fury from the S.H.I.E.L.D three pack with Coulson and Maria Hill.

While the left arm only has a single joint the right arm does have the double jointed elbow movement which is good as if both were only single jointed some fans might be let down.

Grandmaster’s left arm does have a swivel in it which can make up for not having the double jointed elbow.

His right arm does have a bicep swivel which is good as the left side doesn’t but I think the swivel in the left arm is just alright.

Wrists can move out to the side while on the left side it can be more tricky compared to the right but it is manageble.

Jacket does have a peg you can unpeg to use the torso more easily which is good.

The torso can crunch forward but not so far back but it’d be unlikely you’d have him crunched back.

Legs can move out to the side so full range of motion and same with the upper thigh movement.

Doulbe jointed knees which is good as single jointed knees which Hasbro used in the past were not very popular among fans.

Feet can move around 360 degrees which is great and ankle pivot is also included which if Hasbro didn’t include fans would not be impressed.

Likeness on Korg is accurate to how he was seen in both Thor Ragnarok and Avengers Endgame so Hasbro are really stepping up their game on making the Legends resemble the movie versions.

Poseability on Korg is great as you can get his head to move down a decent amount but not so far back.

Moving the head side to side is excellent no problems with that at all so Hasbro didn’t put the rocks on his body so close to his head where they’d get in the way.

Korg’s arms don’t move very far out but you do get a decent amount of movement so it won’t feel like the Mandroid wave Red Skull body where moving the arms out is very limited.

Shoulder pad on Korg’s left arm can get in the way but not so much to the point where it would be limiting.

Bicep swivel is included with Korg and it works nicely and the double jointed elbow works as well.

Wrist hinge works well on both sides with Korg which is nice as no wrist hinges wouldn’t work so well.

A diaphragm joint is included with Korg and it moves around nicely get move back and forth as well so full range of movement.

Korg does have a Waist swivel which is nice so full range of motion as having a waist swivel is better than no waist swivel.

Legs on Korg can move very far out which is impressive so the armour piece won’t limit that and upper thigh swivel is present on the Marvel Legend.

Double jointed knee is included on Korg so if you wanted to have him charging towards someone the option is available.

The feet can move quite far back – not so much forward – and ankle pivot is included on Korg as well.

Weapons both characters use in the Thor Ragnarok movie

In the Thor Ragnarok movie the Grandmaster uses his stick weapon to melt people so that is featured here in this two pack and Korg uses a club weapon which he fires during the final battle scene.

Both the two weapons are what they appeared in the movie so it’s nice that both weapons are accurate.

While both weapons can get warped either from being in the package or from general use heating them up with a hair dryer will straighten them out so for anyone who had this issue this is what to do.

The weapons don’t have a lot of paint applications aside from the gold on Grandmaster’s melt stick and the grey and gold on Korg’s night club.

Paint applications used on both Marvel Legends

One of the many important elements in Marvel Legends is the paint application and how well it executes the character.

The paint applications on both the Grandmaster and Korg is 100% accurate to how they both appear in the movie so no issues with that at all.

Simply put paint used on Korg is in line with how he appeared in the movie as last year when Hasbro made the Thanos Build-A-Figure they made him very purple and he wasn’t like that in the movie.

So here Hasbro nailed the paint resemblence to Korg and also did a good job on how the rocks appear on his body.

Grandmaster’s paint application is accurate to how he appeared in the movie with the jacket and trousers being exactly like the movie.

Finals thoughts and do I recommend this two pack

Wrapping this review up I’d say if you are a fan of the Thor Ragnarok movie then I highly recommend you purchase this two pack as both characters are done perfectly here in Marvel Legends form.

There are several kinds of Marvel Legends collectors – ones who only collect the comic book Legends and ones who only collect the Marvel Cinematic Universe Legends or even ones who collect both kinds.

So for ones who only collect comic book Legends this set will most likely be a pass for you.

However for Marvel Cinematic Universe collectors this will be a must have and if Thor Ragnarok is one of your favourite movies then this set will be an even bigger must have.


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