Marvel Legends Emma Frost Walgreens exclusive review

Hello, Marvel Legends collectors!

In this review I am going to be reviewing the Marvel Legends Emma Frost exclusive from Walgreens.

While this is the Marvel Now Emma Frost and not the classic version that may determine on whether this is for you.

As for me since Emma Frost is one of my favourite X-Men characters I’ll still purchase any version of her regardless.

Accuracy to the Marvel Now Emma Frost

While I haven’t read any Marvel Now comic books that Emma Frost is in just yet from what I can tell from images online it does appear accurate to what was seen.

So Hasbro have nailed the likeness to this version of Emma Frost in the comic books so that is a nice touch.

The alternate head that is on the action figure when you remove it from the packaging is also done correctly to how she appeared.

The articulation and poses you can have Emma Frost posed in

Now onto the articulation of Emma Frost and while it is the┬ástandard female Legends articulation I’ll still go over it for those who want to know.

In terms of looking up if you have the short haired head you can have her look up and down a good amount as with the long haired version you can only look down and not up because of how the hair is sculpted.

Of course you will have your side to side head movement and she does have a small amount of neck pivot for those who are interested in that kind of articulation.

Shoulders can go all the way out as the shoulder pads won’t get in the way or limit any poseability you do and you can also do a 360 degree swivel if you wish with the shoulders.

No bicep swivel because of the single jointed elbow so hopefully one day Hasbro will do bicep swivel for female Legends more fequently.

As for poseability with the single jointed elbows you can swivel them 360 degrees and you get a about a 90 degree bend when you move them up.

Wrist hinges on all four alternate hands as well as a swivel so you can pose the hands on Emma Frost anyway you wish.

Diaphragm joint on Emma is pretty standard with your side to side movement as well as a crunch forward and back a small amount.

The diaphragm joint also has a swivel due to no waist swivel and that moves pretty well with no issues.

Legs can go out very far so you can have Emma doing the splits if you wish and legs will also kick forward very far as well.

Upper thigh swivel on both legs so you can have the upper thighs postioned anyway you want.

Double jointed knees work out nicely so you can have Emma Frost in a running pose if you wish.

Ankles on Emma move down a small amount and up as well as ankle pivot for those you like that to be included with Legends.

The belt and boot pieces do not get in the way of posing so they’ll no issues with that in case you are wondering.

In case you were wondering Emma Frost does have high heels so you may struggle with getting her to stand and when you do she still may fall over quite a few times.

So if you don’t like your female Marvel Legends having high heels then I don’t recommend Emma Frost to you in that case.

Alternate head and hands that are included

Altogether Emma Frost comes with four alternate hands which are two fist hands and two open hands as well as an additional head.

The additional heads are both different because of the hair as the alternate one has straight hair while the other one is more curly.

As for the one where the hair is straight you can use it for your classic Emma Frost that was released in the Puck wave if you wish to and have that action figure.

Since that one is more of a classic looking Emma Frost head compared to the one that is on the body when you take her out of the packaging.

To me I am just going to have Emma Frost displayed with the head she had on in the packaging as that is the look I’d prefer to use.

So do let me know which alternate head you’ll have Emma Frost displayed with as I’d be curious to hear.

The paint application that Hasbro used

The black paint on the outfit as well as the line work that you see on the boots is done very accurately to how Emma Frost appeared in the comic books.

A red X appears on both the shoulders pads and it is sculpted and painted very well.

So overall paint applications on Emma Frost are accurate so if you were worried about accuracy then it is not an issue at all.

As for the paint used for the skin I’d say that is done just fine as well with no issues at all.

Final thoughts and do I recommend you purchase Emma Frost

At the end of the day it all comes down to your own personal preference on whether you are into classic comic book Marvel Legends or more modern comic book Legends.

I’d say if your more into the classic comic books then this Emma Frost is a pass for you as this isn’t the classic looking version.

For fans like myself who are into Emma Frost then this is a must buy for your collection as you won’t be let down with her.

However as mentioned earlier if high heels are a problem then I think this version of Emma Frost is a pass for you.

Do you own Emma Frost and if so what did you think of her?

Let me know down in the comments below as I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts.

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