Marvel Legends Deadpool & Hit-Monkey two pack review

Hello, Marvel Legends collectors!

In this review I am going to reviewing the Deadpool & Hit-Monkey two pack.

Both Deadpool as well as Hit-Monkey are dressed in the style of Miami Vice so that is a nice touch from Hasbro.

I know it has been a bit of time since this two pack came out but I didn’t receive it until nearer Christmas so apologies with the delay.

Deadpool and Hit-Monkey wearing white suits

While I am not aware of Deadpool & Hit-Monkey wearing white suits in any of the comic books they do appear to be inspired from the Miami Vice TV series.

I’d also say it’s a nice change to have Deadpool wearing a white suit compared to his usual outfit.

As for Hit-Monkey wearing a white suit that is also a nice change as well since last time we got him he was wearing black.

The Hit-Monkey BAF from 2013 released here in a two pack

For those of you who aren’t aware we did get a Hit-Monkey build-a-figure from Hasbro back in 2013.

So if you missed out on that now is your chance to get this version of Hit-Monkey in Marvel Legends.

This newer Hit-Monkey has the exact same body mold as the previous version so aside from the white outfit nothing else is new.

Accessories that come included with this two pack

One of the many things I enjoy about collecting Hasbro Marvel Legends is all the different accessories that are included either with single carded Legends or two packs.

We’ll start off with Deadpool as he comes with two swords and alternate heads as well as a shield and guitar.

Hit-Monkey has two pistoles and two other guns which I’m not familar with the name of.

A headset is also included which you use on Hit-Monkey and it is the same one as the 2014 Star Lord but with different paint.

Headpool is included in this two pack as well but his head is on a remote control car similar to Silvermane in the Absorbing Man wave with Speed Demon.

Articulation and the poses you can get these into

Deadpool does use the same body mold as the Nick Fury from the Captain Marvel Kree Sentry wave but I’ll still go over it for those who aren’t aware.

You can get all three alternate heads looking all the way down and up so you can have Deadpool looking up high if you want.

Full rotation in the head and some neck pivot as well for those of you who are into that.

Shoulders can go out quite high but if they are stiff then I recommend you heat them before using.

They do rotate 360 degrees and you get upper bicep swivel on both sides.

Double jointed elbows so you can have Deadpool resting his swords on his shoulders if you want.

Wrists swivel as well as hinge but they hinge more outwards than in due to how the sleeve is sculpted.

A waist swivel that you can turn 360 degrees if you want to.

Ab crunches forward more so than back due to how the jacket is designed.

Legs can go out quite far and kick forward so having Deadpool kicking something can be done.

The legs can go back a tiny bit but it’s unlikely you’ll be using that due to how limiting it is.

Upper thigh swivel and double jointed knees that work out as you’d expect from Hasbro Marvel Legends.

Just before I got into the feet hinging and ankle pivot there is rotation at the ball joint where the foot is.

Feet hinge up and down a decent amount and you do get ankle pivot as well.

Articulation on Hit-Monkey as mentioned earlier is the same as the build-a-figure due to having the same body but I’ll go it anyway.

Hit-Monkey does look up a small amount but not very far due to how the jacket is sculpted but he can look all the way down.

Full rotation in the head and some neck pivot is included.

Shoulders can go up really high which is good and you do get full swivel in them.

Single jointed elbows that have a swivel and you can bend them down as well as up a decent amount.

Wrists can swivel and they do have a hinge that works fine.

There is no waist swivel or ab crunch but since he is a monkey you likely wouldn’t get that range of movement.

Legs can go out really far and you can rotate them all the way around if you wish but I likely won’t.

Upper thigh swivel and single jointed knees since he is a monkey.

Feet hinge up and down and as for ankle pivot you get a full swivel as it is on a ball joint that can also rotate.

Do I recommend you purchase this two pack?

If you are a fan of Deadpool and missed out on the Hit-Monkey BAF then I highly recommend this two pack for you.

For those of you who are into comic based Marvel Legends or are looking for a fun time with all the different accessories then I can’t recommend this two pack enough for you.

As for me I really enjoyed this two pack a lot and really liked both Deadpool and Hit-Monkey dressed in the style of Miami Vice.

Do you own this two pack in your collection and what are your thoughts?

Let me know down in the comments below as I am curious to hear you thoughts.

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