Marvel Legends Captain America & Peggy Carter The First Avenger review

Hello, fellow Marvel Legends collectors!

In this review I am going to be reviewing the Captain America and Peggy Carter two pack that was inspired by the Captain America The First Avenger movie from back in 2011.

As while the first Captain America movie is one of my all time favourite Marvel Cinematic Universe movies some fans prefer the Winter Soldier or Civil War movies more.

Likeness to Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell

One of the important factors in making Marvel Cinematic Universe characters into Marvel Legends is the likeness to the person portraying them.

Thankfully Hasbro nailed the likeness to Hayley Atwell as you can definitely see the resemblance to her in the Marvel Legend.

Chris Evans likeness on the other hand I’d say is just alright as the two alternate heads don’t quite capture his young likeness but still it could be worse.

Articulation and the poses you can get these into

The articulation on Peggy Carter for a female Legend isn’t to bad but the legs movement does leave a bit to be desired.

Peggy Carter’s head can rotate 360 degrees as well as a small amount of neck pivot.

Her head can move all the way down a good range but moving arm not so much because of how the hair is sculpted.

Shoulders can move all the way out and full rotation all around so full poseability in the shoulders.

Peggy has single jointed elbows so sadly not double-jointed but most female Legends have single jointed elbows.

Wrists can hinge up and down and swivel all the way around so pose ability is the wrists is good for whatever you wish.

Diaphragm swivel is in the waist with Peggy so it can move side to side and back and forth a decent amount.

The skirt piece is rubber so the legs won’t move out to the side very far so don’t expect to have Peggy with her legs all the way out to the side.

Double jointed knees are included but due to the skirt piece you won’t get to have her in a running pose of any kind.

Upper thigh swivel movement on Peggy can be used but like the double-jointed knees it’s very limiting.

Feet move back and forward a good amount and ankle pivot which can swivel all the way around if you wish.

Articulation on Steve is the same body used for the Ultimate WW ll Captain America but I’ll go over it anyway for those who aren’t aware.

Both alternate heads can move all the way down and up and rotate 360 degrees.

Shoulders come out very far and rotate all the way around so getting him into good poses with the shield can be done.

Bicep swivel on both sides and double-jointed elbow and wrist swivel is included as well.

The wrists can hinge up and down a good amount so having him in good poses wrist wise will please fans.

Steve’s harness can be removed as you unpeg it on his left-hand side and you’ll be able to use the diaphragm joint.

Diaphragm joint can move side to side and swivel all the way around but it’s unlikely you’d be doing that kind of pose.

Crunching the diaphragm joint forward and back is available but you’ll need to have the harness removed in order to do it.

A waist swivel is included and the diaphragm joint so using the waist swivel even with the harness on can be done.

Legs move out very far and kicking forward and as for moving back it only goes back a tiny amount.

Upper thigh swivel and double-jointed knees are both featured here and they work very nicely.

Boots swivel which is nice and feet move forward and back so getting him to stand is no issue at all.

Ankle pivot is included here and that works nicely so pose ability in the ankles works well.

Accessories these Marvel Legends include

Captain America comes with the prototype shield which Howard Stark first showed him and his WWII shield seen on his first mission.

Pistol and knife are included with Captain America and both have storage areas to put them in.

A machine gun is included for either him or Peggy Carter so the choice is yours on what Marvel Legend you give it to.

Two alternate heads and a helmet are included for Captain America so putting the helmet on either head can be done.

While the two heads do look slightly similar to each other how the hair is sculpted on them both is different.

My opinion about these getting released as a two pack

I think releasing Peggy Carter in a two pack with Captain America was always the best option as releasing her in a Marvel Legends build-a-figure wave may have being tricky.

The WWII Captain America in this outfit was the best one to release as it was the only version of Captain America from that movie left to be released.

So I think Hasbro made the right decision to release them as a two pack especially since they are releasing quite a few Marvel Cinematic Universe two packs this year.

Finals thoughts and would I recommend you purchase this

So final thoughts are I am really happy to finally have a Peggy Carter in my Marvel Legends collection as I didn’t think we were ever going to get one.

Despite there being a lot of Captain Americas getting released these last few years getting this WWII version was the best one to make.

If you are a fan of the sadly cancelled Agent Carter series and a fan of MCU movies this two pack is a must get for you collection just for the Peggy Carter alone.

As for comic book Legend collectors this two pack isn’t for you as this isn’t inspired by the comic books.


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