Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Thor (Alex Ross)

Hello, fellow Marvel Legends collectors!

In this review I am going to be reviewing the 80th Anniversary Marvel Legends Thor inspired by Alex Ross.

While we did get an Alex Ross inspired Thor back in the Toybiz days getting an updated Hasbro version was needed.

Thor is one of my all time favourite superheroes in the Marvel Universe and Chris Hemsworth’s performance as the character is amazing. 

I had planned on doing one combined review on all three Alex Ross inspired Avengers characters but felt it was better to do them individually so I could over more about each one.

Exactness to the Alex Ross Thor 

Whether your looking at images online or reading a classic Thor story from the comic books this does look accurate to the Alex Ross inspired Thor.

As for the appearence of Thor with this action figure Hasbro have nailed the likeness exactly as to how Thor was done in the classic comic books.

Articulation and the poses you can have Thor in

Thor can look down a small amount but not up so much due to how the hair is sculpted so having him look up isn’t going to happen.

Shoulders go up very high so more than enough poseability and they also swivel 360 degrees if you wish to do that.

Upper bicep swivel which can roate all the way around if you want to do that.

Doulbe jointed elbows and wrist swivels as well as hinge up and down so good range in the elbows and wrists.

The Mjolnir hand has a roll of the dice movement so you can pose having him hold the hammer up or down.

Diaphragm joint crunches forward and back a small amount as well as side to side movement.

Waist swivel as well as diaphragm joint so you can pose Thor however you want in those areas.

Legs move out very far so you can have Thor doing the splits if you wish to do that with him.

Thor can kick forward so you can have him kicking Loki if you want and he can kick back a small amount.

Upper thigh swivel and double jointed knees on both sides so you can have Thor in a running pose if you’d like.

Boot swivels and you can do 360 degrees if you wish to and there is a foot hinge which moves forward and back.

As well as ankle pivot so you’ll have no issues with getting Thor to stand.

Alternate hand and the hammer Mjolnir 

One left fist hand is included and to be honest I don’t think Hasbro needed to include a right fist hand as you’d be using it to hold the hammer.

The Mjolnir hammer is a new sculpt and the writting on it says “whoever holds this hammer if he be worthy shall possess the power of Thor”.

It is great that it is written on the hammer as that is a key element with Mjonlnir so Hasbro did the right thing by including it.

Mjonlnir has a light grey color to it and more of a stone look to it than metal but it does have a lot of nicks and holes to it like it has being used in battle a lot.

The handle and strap of the hammer are done with a brown paint and while it doesn’t have a lot of detail on it but at the same time it doesn’t really need it.

Paint applications used on Thor 

The paint applications used on Thor are very well done and it feels like Hasbro really knew what they were doing when they made this version of Thor in the Marvel Legends line.

The classic red on the cape and the blue on the trousers as well as the black and grey circles on the armour are very much classic Thor.

The grey helmet and white wings are done with a very classic colour like the rest of the outfit so if you didn’t like the Toybiz Thor for whatever reason this one is for you.

Would I recommend this version Thor 

It all comes down to your personal interest in these action figures on whether you collect Marvel Cinematic Universe or comic book Marvel Legends.

If your a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Marvel Legends this is a pass for you as this isn’t the Chris Hemsworth Thor.

For comic book collectors including classic ones this version of Thor is one you’ll want to add to your collection as Hasbro have done a good job on making this action figure.

So overall I do recommend Thor as the paint applications are very classic looking and the Mjonlnir hammer has lovely sculpt and detail to it.

Do you own this version of Thor and if so what did you think let me know down in the comments below and I’ll be excited to hear your thoughts.

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