Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Iron Man (Alex Ross)

Hello, fellow Marvel Legends collectors!

In this review I am going to be reviewing the 80th Anniversary Marvel Legends Iron Man inspired by Alex Ross.

Iron Man is one of my all time favourite superheroes so doing a review on the Alex Ross inspired Iron Man is something I am interested in.

As while I did only get into Marvel when Iron Man came out back in 2008 I still went back and got into the Iron Man comics books.

So I am aware of quite a few Iron Man versions and the Alex Ross one is an Iron Man I am very interested in.

Resemblance to the Alex Ross Iron Man

Just by looking at the images online and seeing how he appears in the comic books this is 100% the Alex Ross version of Iron Man.

The red and yellow resembles how he appears in the comics so Hasbro nailed the colors on this design.

The chest piece while it is just white is done accurately to how he appears in the comic books.

So it was good Hasbro put the correct circle chest piece on as the wrong one would likely put people off this action figure.

Articulation and the poses you can have Iron Man in

Getting Iron Man into flying poses isn’t a concern as the head moves all the up and all the way down.

Head swivels and as neck pivot for those who are interested in that- only a very tiny amount of neck pivot so not a lot.

Shoulders can go up very high as they are on a ball joint so having Iron Man with his shoulders all the way out can happen.

Upper bicep swivel on both arms as well as double jointed so more than enough poseability in those areas.

Wrists can swivel 360 degrees so you can have Iron Man in whatever pose you want to have him in with his alternate hands.

Fists have a hinge joint that can move up and down but the open hands don’t have a hinge joint in them so those are in a fixed position.

Ab crunches forward a small amout but crunches very far back so getting him into flying poses isn’t a problem.

Waist swivels all the way around so for those who want to do a 360 degrees swivel you can do it with the waist.

Legs move very far out but the circular discs near the legs won’t limit the movement so moving his legs out that far can be done.

The legs will kick forward more than enough so you can have Iron Man kicking someone or something.

Both upper thighs swivel all the way around so you can have the thighs in any position you want.

Knees are double jointed so having Iron Man run is something you’ll be able to have him do.

Feet hinge all the back as well as a decent amount forward so getting Iron Man to stand isn’t an issue to be concerned about.

Ankle pivot for those who are interested is included and you get more than enough movement out of them.

Alternate heads/hands and power effects 

Iron Man comes with two alternate fist hands and two open hands for the power effects which you peg into the holes.

The bigger power effects are meant for the hands but I’m sure they’d fit onto the feet if you wished to do that.

As for the bigger power effects they do come apart very easily but putting them back together won’t be tricky as they peg together quite easily.

The smaller power effects which we have seen with other Marvel Legends are yellow and having them here for Iron Man does make sense.

For alternate heads you have two classic Iron Man heads and a Tony Stark head all three are looking accurate to how he appears in the comic books so that is nice.

There is a difference between the two classic Iron Man heads and that is the shape of them so however you want the Iron Man flaceplate positioned the option is there.

Paint applications used on the gold and red on Iron Man

One of the important elements in Hasbro Marvel Legends and in fact any action figure is the paint applications.

As for the gold and red really do resemble how Iron Man appears in the classic comics books and the Alex Ross version is done perfectly.

Since you really do see the likeness when you look at the action figure and images online side by side so Hasbro nailed the likeness on Iron Man just the way fans would want.

Would I recommend you purchase Iron Man

As I mention in all my reviews it all comes down to whether your a Marvel Cinematic Universe collector or a classic comic book collector.

While you do get people who collect both of them for people who collect MCU Marvel Legends this isn’t one you’ll be interested in as this isn’t movie inspired.

If you’re a classic comic book collector of these action figures then you’ll most certainly want to add this to your collection as this is just a perfect redition of Iron Man all around.

For MCU Marvel Legends collectors if you’re interested in classic comic book characters then adding Iron Man to your collection is worth it.

So for that I do recommend Iron Man to both comic book collectors and classic ones as well.

Do you have Iron Man in your collection and if so let me know in the comments what you think of this action figure.

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