Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Captain America (Alex Ross)

Hello, fellow Marvel Legends collectors!

In this review I am going to be reviewing the 80th Anniversary Marvel Legends Captain America inspired by Alex Ross.

Captain America just like Iron Man is one of my all time favourite superheroes and the Alex Ross version does interest me a lot.

As when Captain America The First Avenger came out back in 2011 I got very interested in this character and got into the comic books.

Accuracy to the Alex Ross Captain America

Just by looking at images online of the Alex Ross Captain America and looking at this action figure side by side.

The accuracy of this version of Captain America is done very well and you do see the likeness just perfectly.

As the blue, red and white on this action figure is what you saw in the comic books of Captain America.

The shield like the colors is done very well as it does have a very classic comic book feel to it which is nice.

Articulation and poses you can have Captain America in

Captain America can look all the way down and up so having him look up at something can be done.

Head swivels all the way around and you get more than enough neck pivot for those who like action figures to have neck pivot.

Shoulders move out very far and swivel all the way around so you can have Captain America throw his shield however you like.

Bicep swivels 360 degrees but if it feels stuck then heat it up so you won’t break the bicep joint.

Double jointed elbows work as you’d expect with Hasbro Marvel Legends that are released these days.

Wrists hinges on all alternate hands so you get up and down movement as well as a swivel when posing the hands.

Ab crunches forward a small amount and back so having Captain America bent back is a pose you can get him into.

Waist swivels as the belt won’t get in the way of rotation.

Legs move out very far so you could have Captain America doing the splits if you wanted him to do that.

They will kick forward more than enough and back slightly so if you wanted to have Captain America kicking Hydra soldiers or Red Skull you can do that with no problem.

Upper thigh swivel on both legs so you can have the thighs positioned however you choose to.

Double jointed knees so having Captain America running in any pose.

Boot swivel on both boots so you can do the 360 degree swivel if you want to.

Feet hinge up and down more than enough so getting him to stand isn’t an issue you should be concerned about.

As for those who like ankle pivot a lot ankles pivot more than enough range so you’ll get good enjoyment out of that.

Alternate heads/hands as well as shield throwing effect

Captain America comes with two alternate heads and five hands you can change out at any point.

The alternate head does have different expression compared to the head that is on the action figure when you take it out of the box.

As for alternate hands you have two open hands, two fist hands and the shield effect throwing hand which are all done nicely.

While the shield effect throwing hand we have seen before with the Onslaught and Vintage wave Captain America getting it again here makes sense.

The shield itself as mentioned is done perfectly but it does have that clip that I have heard people having issues with breaking.

So if you’d rather not peg the shield onto Captain Americas wrist then there is a hole in the back you can peg in onto.

I myself have thankfully not had any shield clip issues just yet so hopefully you’ll be lucky.

The paint applications and sculpt used on this action figure

Paint applications on Captain America are very classic looking so you do see the inspiration done correctly.

The upper blue chest area does have a wonderful texture feel to it as it is done to how you’d expect the blue on Captain America to appear.

So Hasbro have done an amazing job on capturing the classic look of Captain America when they made this action figure.

Do I recommend you purchase Captain America

If your into the Marvel Cinematic Universe side of collecting and that is all you collect then this version of Captain America is a pass as this isn’t MCU inspired.

For fans of the comic books particulary the classic look of the characters this is one you’ll really want to have in your collection.

So overall I do really recommend this Captain America as the classic colours are done how you’d expect them to be done when adapting to action figure form.

Do you own this version of Captain America in your collection and if so what do you think let me know in the comments.

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